Ezekiel, the Sabbath and Social Responsibility

The Shikker Dovid is intrigued by the order which Ezekiel chastises the leaders of Israel in their bad behavior from the Haftorah of Achrei Mos. “toward the stranger you have acted oppressively;  orphan and widow  have they wronged within you; sabbaths have been desecrated;  talebearers among you”

Why is Sabbath violations mentioned along with oppressing others such as strangers and orphans.   The lesson to learn is that Sabbath observance is also a moral exhortation.   Our responsibility to keep the sabbath extends to assisting others in their ability to keep the Sabbath.  We are responsible for making sure the orphan and widow and stranger can enjoy the simcha and oneig  of shabbos.  We must invite them to our meals, visit theme when they are alone; provide them with funds to ensure that their  shabbos is also pleasant and observed properly.

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2 Responses to Ezekiel, the Sabbath and Social Responsibility

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ezekiel seems to be imposing a deuteronomistic cliche (“stranger, widow and orphan”) upon the Holiness Code to cover his bases. You derive a beautiful message from it.

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