The Birds and Friendship

Today the Shikker dovid has begun learning with daf yomi, the misha of kinnem. It deals with the bird offerings, which are typically brought by women after they give birth. The mishna deals with situations where the birds brought to the Bait Hamikdash get all mixed up.

One can imagine all the  birds flying around- mix ups happen. Usually the mix up creates problems. The mishna explains one situation with a good result. The case is as follows:; Two women give birth ,  they go get birds and bring their birds together to the Bait Hamikdash. They birds get mixed up. The mishna allows the birds to be offered

Why: The first reason offered the is the talmudic  rule  of brarah or “retroactivity” The more interesting answer is that , the women appoint the kohan as a “shliach” or agent to choose the birds Or together, “they mochal” each other and bring the birds together. This is true harmony.

One would think that after giving birth, they would be particular about their own birds, however, their friendship or “achdus” or togetherness overrides their personal feelings.

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