Sensitivity II

The Shikker Dovid has a story from Bava Metzia page 23. This story follows up a complicated passage of taking items or taking terumah without the owner’s knowledge.

Three Rabbis came to visit a man named Bar Isak. Bar Isak’s sharecropper offered them various fruits. Two rabbis ate and one, Mar Zutra did not eat. The issues was whether Bar Isak had known they were eating and were they eating without his permission. Was the sharecropper entitled to offer on his behalf.

Although the theories and legal issues are complex. The story offers a simple and highly valuable lesson. Taking things- either from others, from Gd or even taking for granted certain gifts such as health or ability, should not be done lightly. All actions should be done with thought and sensitivity.

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2 Responses to Sensitivity II

  1. Jeremy says:

    I love it! beautiful!

  2. I remember this Daf. It was a well-scripted story, and both sides of the debate as to whether to take or not were given their due. Great gem you found!

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