Do not Fear

The Shikker Dovid is intrigued by a verse in the Haftorah from Parshat Bechukosai; Jeremiah refers to the man who puts his trust in hashem as follows: Chapter 17 verse 7: Blessed is the man who trusts in Hashem… He will be like a planted tree near water and does not SEE (yira or Yirah) when the heat comes. The word “see” is Yirah but pronounced yira. The word “see” in this context is very similar to “fear”. Furthermore, you cannot see “heat” you feel heat. You feel fear. You experience the pain or anxiety of fear. Those who trust Hashem know that if they do their best, Hashem will be their water or in real terms, come to their aid.

The message to this Shikker Dovid is that, even if you see the “heat” or the “bad” or the “problem.” Your trust or faith in Hashem will carry you through. He will be the brook of water ( helper, assistant or savior) in the face of the problem.

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