Nazir and Bircas Kohanim- Connecting or Contrasting

The Shikker Dovid has been wrestling with the connection in the Nazir and Bircas Kohanim in Parshat Naso. Rashi is always sensitive to connections between parshiot. For example, in our parsha. Rashi comments on the connection between Sotah and Nazir. Why no connection between Nazir and the priestly blessing.

The Shikker Dovid has a found one small common thread. The parsha of Nazir talks of the not cutting hair during the term of Nazir, shaving the head when the term is completed and finally, taking the hair and feeding the fire under the pot which cooks the lamb sacrifice brought by the Nazir. The Priestly blessing talks about “face.” “Let the light of gd shine on your FACE and show you grace.”

What is the connection of the head and hair of Nazir and Gd shining light on your face? The Shikker Dovid feels the Torah is signaling that Nazir is not right derech of serving GD. It is permissive- but not optimal. The hair is dead. The hair is thrown under the pot to burn. It is dry. The blessing of priesthood are vibrant and full of love and warmth. The conveyance of the love that is connected to the blessing of the priesthood and the light of GD on your face is the optimal path.

The ShikkerDovid is still struggling with this connection. In a viceral or anthropomorphic sense, the Shikkerdovid would rather feel the light of Gd on his face than experience the Nazir experience of throwing dead hair under a pot.

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3 Responses to Nazir and Bircas Kohanim- Connecting or Contrasting

  1. Robot Rabbi says:

    As a Cohen yourself David Ascher, how do you feel when someone volunteers for the job vs. being drafted?

  2. pia says:

    isn’t burning the hair symbolic of shunning materialism,physicality,narcissism, and therefore trying to gain sprituality? juxtaposing the nazir (pre-nazir he was too caught up in materialsim, ego, etc.) to the kohen(spiritual, pure)….teaches us if we shun that “gashmiut” we are on the right derech.

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