When We Really Want Something and Emunah

The Haftorah of Naso is taken from Shoftim and the birth of Samson the Nazir. An angel who appeared as a man comes to Samson’s mother and announces that she will give birth to a son. The angel instructs her not to cut his hair or allow him any wine or grapes.

The mother, not knowing it was an angel says to her husband, “a man of gd” has told me that I will have a boy and relayed to the husband all the specific instructions. The husband’s response is interesting.

Despite having been told all the restrictions by his wife, the husband, Manoha, wants further instruction, clarification or just re-assurance that he will be raising the child correctly. The tanach says: “Manoah prayed to Hashem and said, “Please my lord may the Man of Gd who you sent to come now again to us and teach us what we should do with the boy who is born.”

Why the second visit.? Whey does Manoah want him to come back and give the instructions again? The Shikker Dovid would like to suggest a moral lesson. When someone wants something so badly and they are informed about the way to obtain their desired object or goal they are really careful about the manner or method to achieve the object or desire. They read the instructions over and over again. They ask questions to insure they are executing the task properly. When one wants something so badly, one takes one’s time and spares no effort or expense in achieving the goal. This is the way we should serve hashem. Daven with extreme Kavanah as if our lives depend on it. Learn with zeal. Treat others with respect, kindness and cheesed, as if that person hold the keys to our happiness, success or destiny. The old adage, how well would you behave or how respectful would you be if a imporantan Rabbi would come to your home-that is how respectful, deferential and kind one must be to all people.

Lastly. This story also demonstrates a point about Emunah. The women did not inquire as to who this person or angel was. She did not know he was an angel. She assumed he was a man of Gd. Similarly, Manoah also just took this man’s word and called him a man of Gd. They did not ask how do you know this or what is the basis of your knowledge. Their faith was in “Gd” and therefore they called him the “man of gd”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I always found it interesting that it is Eshet Manoach who is instructed not to drink wine or other intoxicants (not the boy explicitly) and that the nezir status is imposed and is not the product of a volitional act. What, if anything, does the Shikku Dovid make of that?

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