Popeye The Righteous Sailor

The Shikker Dovid is usually hesitant to talk about things from Masechet Nidah given the graphic nature of the material. However, today, the Shikker Dovid has found some “Disney” material from the daf. On page 14 of Nidah, the Talmud states that sailors are righteous people. Why? Rashi answers that they live in danger and they look to gd for assistance and lead righteous lives.

The insight is clear. We all live with dangers, fears, needs, and at any moment the proverbial carpet can be swept out from under us and we can fall. When we act properly, compassionately and sensitively, we bring Gd into our corner- like Popeye the Sailor Man.

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1 Response to Popeye The Righteous Sailor

  1. Robot Rabbi says:

    Hey David, were you a fan of Popeye?

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