The Sounds of Emunah

The Shikker Dovid has been busy, but wants to share a quick thought from the Parsha of Behalaoscha. In Chapter 20, Gd commands Moshe to make two silver trumpets. The torah says that upon “blowing the teruah” the camps shall move forward. The Bnai Yisrael showed incredible emunah in marching into the unknown, following a cloud and the mishkan. They did not have maps.

The Torah records that their scout, Yisro even deserted them when he realized he had no share in the land. All they had was their faith or emunah that Gd would lead them in the proper direction.

The Torah also tells us that the trumpets are sounded at time of war when your adversary oppresses you. The Torah says, the sound of the trumpets shall “be your nezcartem (rememberance)

The other and more famous references to teruah and “rememberance” is during Rosh Hashana. We blow the Shofar and says verses of zichronos (rememberances)

We must show the same faith in our daily travels or our daily conflicts.

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