A Disney Lesson in Humility from page 23 of Nidah

As the ShikkerDovid has said before, he generally is not quoting things from the Daf Yomi now that we are in Nidah. However, today’s daf has some nice thoughts. The mishna previously describes various births where, unfortunately, the child is not born alive and is not fully formed. The Talmud goes off an an tangent through a “gezarah Shava” showing how the word “Yetzirah” can refer to both humans and animals.

After that analysis, the Talmud makes a startling statement. The posits that both humans and animals share the same eyes and other features.

The Shikker Dovid would like draw a mussar conclusion. Although man is the highest form of Gd creatures. It is instructive for us to remember that in many ways, we are not better than animals. Or we must remember that we have animal traits and must strive to act better- humanely. The comparison calls on us to act humbly and remember that although we have animal likenesses, to always use our human traits.

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1 Response to A Disney Lesson in Humility from page 23 of Nidah

  1. Garbow says:

    Deep dude – keep up the good work – you are a hidden tzaddik no more! The shikkerdovid has been revealed to the world

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