Silence is Godliness

The ShikkerDovid has been busy with less than existential things lately (quarterly taxes and difficult clients), however He would like to share an idea from the Haftorah of Parshat Shlach.

The Haftorah from Joshua chapter 1 tells us

Joshua sent spies “secretly” to see the land. The Shikker Dovid would like to make two observations about the opening phrase. First, the word for secret is not the normal word for hidden or “saaser” or “bsaaser” rather it uses the word “cherish” or deaf/mute. The word
charash denotes a physical incapacity. Clearly these men did not suffer a handicap. So why the use of this word. I think the key is the phrase that Joshua says. “Go and see” the land. He docent mention any reporting requirement. What is the lesson?
The word cherish is not a physical incapacity, but rather a term of praise. They use their quiet strength in fulfilling their mission. They are as quiet as mutes and deaf to criticism in their service to bnei yisrael.
The Shikker Dovid would like offer an obvious explanation. Unlike the spies of Torah reading in Shlach, are not sent to make judgment calls, render reports or give recommendations. Ther mission is “to see”. Whatever they see, they are quiet. They are merely doing their mission. Their strength is their silence. They are sent to look. Not to make judgment calls.

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1 Response to Silence is Godliness

  1. maltman says:

    Not that I necessarily disagree, but … on the other hand: didn’t Yehosua and Calev make judgment calls too? Wasn’t their judgment praisworthy?

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