God Cares About our Money- Do We?

The Shikker dovid would like demonstarte how the the ‘cattle”, used three times in chapter 20 reveals how gd takes care of us. In parshat chukas, chap. 20 4, the bnei yisreal complaint that they have no water and will die, “we and our cattle.”

Continuing in verse 8 the Gd tells Moshe: take your staff you and your brother and go speak to the rock before their eyes, to get get water for the assembly to drink and their cattle. Rashi comments from here we learn that god has compassion on the money (cattle) of bnei yisrael.

Later after Moshe strikes the rock, against the wishes of Gd. the Torah states in pasuk 11, “lots of water came out and the assembly drank and so did their cattle.”

The Shikker Dovid finds something interesting in this repetition three times of ‘cattle” or as Rashi says, “money.” Although Bnei yisrael complained – displaying no faith and Moshe’s failure to properly obtain the water, Gd is careful to provide for our needs, exactly as we asked. Even though we asked incorrectly or without faith, Gd provided the water, not only for us, but also for the cattle. Finally, the torah tells us, God provided “lots of water” for us and the cattle.

The shikker Dovid thinks that God’s concern for our possessions show us how much he loves us. How much He cares. How much more we would have, if we used our money wisely. Not only to give charity, but to use money properly so even when we mess up, he will keep providing abundantly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    perhaps, besides tzedaka, using oe’s money wisely means buying only what’s necessary, not being overly gaudy or flashy, frivolously.

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