Bilaam, Belief and Actions

The Shikker Dovid believes that this entire parshah is about Emunah. We can learn lessons Emunah even from Bilaam. The text reveals int he first aliyah his unswerving belief in the omnipotence of Gd. Bilaam states: Stay overnight until or when I speak to Hashem. Later Bilaam says “if you gave me a house full of gold and silver I could not transgress the word of Gd.” These are extradinary statements of faith. So how does Bilaam turn bad and attempt to curse.

The Shikker Dovid would like to point out moral lesson. Faith is not enough. One must have faith, however, one must act or conduct his life according to his faith. It is easy to profess belief. One’s actions and behavior must reflect the values of the faith.

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