Don’t Judge

In parshat Devarim, Moshe speaks and says in pasuk 9 “I am not able myself alone to bear you”. Rashi states, is it possible that Moshe was not able to judge Israel by himself? Moshe split the sea, brought the manna? Rashi speaks of Solomon the same way. What is so hard about judging? As a lawyer, I cant tell you that our judges today have it pretty easy. So why was Moshe stating he could not judge alone?

I once heard a message from Rav Amram Kass who quoted Rabbi Yisroel Salanter. Essentially, the message was that Gd realizes man has flaws, man is weak, he slips, he falls. Gd is willing to look away from the transgression in light of our flaws. However, when one man judges another man, or is critical (judging) the actions of another, then he is held to a higher standard. Gd judges or critically examines his actions of those who are critical or judgmental of others. To ensure a gd’s love we should avoid judging others.

Maybe we should learn from the humility of Moshe, not to judge and thereby, not bring gds judgment on ourselves.

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