Watch What you Look at and What you Say

The Shikker Dovid went to class last night that learned Gitten, (I forgot the page) and the famous story of Bar Kamtza. The story is that Bar Kamtza mistakenly is invited to an event. He is thrown out and deeply hurt. He is angry that the Rabbi’s at the event did not defend him. He goes to the governor of Judea under Roman rule and tells him that the Jews and Rabbi’s would not accept his sacrifices in their Temple. The Ceasar gives him a sacrifice. On the way to the Temple, Bar Kamtza deliberately make a blemish and invalidates the animal. Where does he put the blemish? he splits the eye and the lip. Therefore, the Temple does not offer it bringing down the rage of theRoman ruler.

The lesson is clear regarding splitting the lip. This is lashon hora or bad speech or bad treatment. But why the eye? The Maharal quoted in the lecture states that the eye is a window into the soul. It allows us to elevate or transcend into the holy and spiritual. It is all very mystical. The Shikker Dovid really does not get that and would like to offer his own interpretation.

The reason for the split eye is that we must be careful of how we see others. The eye often gazes at others with jealousy, anger , similar to this story. We see what others have, or wear or drive. We see their homes, or whatever. That leads to speaking bad. But more importantly, it denigrates ourself. We must be happy with what is ours and we must curtail looking at others. Therefore, the jealous eye can lead to bad speech. The Temple was lost because of a blemishes in our speech, our view of others and maybe even ourselves.

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  1. Doctor J says:

    The Shikker Dovid has as usual great insight.

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