Hashem’s World is Bigger Than We know

On page 6a of Brachot, the Talmud tells us that our eyes cannot perceive all that is in the world. The Talmud talks about demons or “shadem” that are beyond our sight. There is a whole universe of things, beyond our capability of discerning. and seeing.

This is a point of Emunah. As humans, we assume that if we cannot see something or quantify something it does not exist. This is a mistake. There is a plan in the universe that Gd has. There are reasons for all things, even if we cannot perceive them or understand them. Just as we cannot see the demons, so too are we shielded from much of Hashem’s reasons.

The Shikker Dovid would like to give an analogy. One often passes in the street a baby in a carriage crying. Why is the baby crying? Doesn’t the baby know that it is in a beautiful carriage, surrounded by a warm blanket, fed by loving parents. The baby is unable to perceive this reality, but we do. Similarly, we are the baby in Hashem’s universe. We cannot see all his acts or mercy or acts of protection. But we must have emunha.

Our sight is limited so we develop our sense of Emunah.

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3 Responses to Hashem’s World is Bigger Than We know

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe there’s more there than meets the eye, maybe there’s not… That’s emunah.

  2. shikkerdovid says:

    Thank you for responding. It’s a big world out there. Who knows?

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is connected to why bad things happen to good people. with out limited sight, a bad event seems unfortunate, but we don’t know hashem’s plan, that this result will lead to a better outcome. it’s like looking at a picture up close, we only see a little bit, so a few smudges of paint just look ugly,meaningless, disconnected. when we see the entire picture (which is hashem’s view, or a jew’s total clarity) you see how the splotches of paint connect to form a beautiful scene. therefore, we have to accept and be grateful for the bad as well as the good.”gam ze l’tova”

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