Prayer and the Community

In Brachat 10A, the Talmud states: “Rabbi Yochanan says, anyone who depends on his own merit in prayer, they make fulfillment dependent on others prayer. Anyone who makes his prayers dependent on others, they make fulfillment dependent on his own prayers.”

The Shiker Dovid would like to suggest that although prayer is intensely personal and almost medirative in nature, true fulfillment and real efficacy only is achieved by praying with others. By standing with others and joining together in prayer we are no longer a lone voice.

The Shikker Dovid would also suggest that by joining together we can be “toleh ” or rely or build on the strength of other we pray with . For example, in a minyan of men, some are very wise or knowledgable in Torah, others might be great at gemilut chasidim, while others are baalei tzdeka. By joining together, we meld our gifts and our strengths for Hashem to say, we merit what we pray for.

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