My All Time Favorite Pasuk … from the Rebuke’s

The Shikker Dovid’s all time favorite pasuk in the Torah is in this week’s parsha of Ki Tavo. The verse is found in the section where Gd warns or rebukes the Israel if they do not act properly. The verse says in Chapter: 29 verse 67 “in the morning you will say, were it evening and in the evening it says, where it morning.” This verse is toward the the end of the Rebukes. Why is this the crescendo? Why is this so bad.

The Shkker Dovid would like to suggest the following: In this verse, morning and evening are metaphors for where you are in you life.This rebuke means that wherever man is and whatever man has, it will not be enough. If you have a certain car, you want a different car. If you vacation in France… you wish you were in Italy. In essence, whatever you have is no good, not enough and therefore you are never happy. It is curse of the state of mind. Your mind never allows to enjoy or be content.

The Shikker Dovid’s father tells the story of a friend who was very wealthy. My father visited him in his luxury apartment on a terrace overlooking the ocean in the south of France. My father described the friend sitting in the opulence and the beauty of his surrounding, yet his was miserable and depressed. Nothing made him happy.

This is might be the worst of all curses, our mental state denies us the ability to be happy or content with the life we have. Neither in the morning, nor the evening do we have fun. We just chase other things and they elude us.

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2 Responses to My All Time Favorite Pasuk … from the Rebuke’s

  1. Richard Ascher says:

    Dear Shikker Dovid When I’m here,i want to be there.when I’m there I want to be here.The Ascher curse Shikker Dada

  2. Michael Altman says:

    Mihu ashir? H’samayich b’chelko.

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