Blessings and Priorities and Emunah

Today we had a beautiful lesson in priorities found in Brachot page 53b. The talmud asks if someone eats while working on a scaffold and forgets to say bircat hamazon and then descends, must he go up again to to fulfill the requirement of benching where he ate. The Talmud asks , would he not return to retrieve his wallet if he left it up there? The Talmud then cites another story. A person finds a wallet filled with gold when he returns to a place to bench which was out of his way.

Although, this is not going to be popular the Shikker Dovid would like to suggest that good deeds are rewarded. The reward might not be evident or understood. We must think positively that are good deeds will not be overlooked. This might be the real test of faith. The belief that good acts are rewarded or are acknowledged by Hashem is the real test of emunah.

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