Father of the Year

This time of year we think a lot about Gd. We say his name countless times every day in slichot and in prayers. The torah tells us in Haazinu that he is our father. Chapter 32 Verse 6: Is he not your father, he has acquired (gotten you) he has made you and established you. Rashi says He has acquired you (kinyan). He built a nest for you among rocks.

This imagery is clear. Hashem is our protector like a father watches his children. Just as a father strives to protect or guard his children, Hashem does the same.

I really believe that this message is specific for this time of year. We think of Gd as a king on Rosh Hashana. But he is really much closer to us than a king. He is more loving than a king. He is more compassionate than a king.

What does a parent want? Unlike a king who wants taxes or to enlist people in his army, a parent wants his children to love each other.

Maybe we should consider Hashem like our father and then we will realize that we must be more compassionate, loving, and concerned to his other children…. our brother and sisters.

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3 Responses to Father of the Year

  1. Jeremy says:

    That’s a beautiful message. Now read what I posted this morning.

  2. Oliver B. Mitchell says:

    Our father, our king?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    another imagery “nest among rocks” conjures that is appropriate for the season is the image of a sukkah for shelter

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