The Snake and Emunah

Today’s daf in Brachot 57 continues a discussion of Talmudic dream analysis. On 55, the daf cautioned that the dream has no significance unless you search out a meaning. However today, it gives several examples of what is a good dream or a bad one. The Shikker Dovid would like to comment on one item discussed: The Snake.

The Talmud says that seeing a snake is a sign for a “parnassah”-livlihood. What is connection between snake and parnassa? The consensus of my daf was that a snake can thrive or eat dirt, he can always be sated.

The lesson from the snake is that it is content with the dirt. It is plentiful and he accepts it. We must accept what gd gives us. This is a hard lesson to learn. This is the test of Emunah.

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2 Responses to The Snake and Emunah

  1. Jeremy says:

    we should call the shikkder dovid butter because you are on a roll!

  2. How interesting was it that Bar Hedaya, the dream interpreter, was the Daf Gemoro that fell out on Yom Kippur. B.H. should have learned from his prior actions not to ignore those who need interpretations even if they are a non-paying customer. Instead he lets the reader down and ends up paying the price for it with his life. Actions have consequences, and repetitive actions that are wrong have worse consequences. After all the davening, fasting and praying on Yom Kippur, its time we all stepped up to the plate and repaired those behavioral ticks in our life that bring us down to the level of chata’im.

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