Lessons in Helping from Shabbat 29

Today’s daf yomi, page 29 continues the discussion of things to be used as wicks, fuel and items to be used on shabbat and Yomi tov.  Today the Talmud discusses the use of a pit from a date. Is this “Nolad” or made on shabbat.   The Talmud tells a story about a rabbi who is walking and goes by a baker. As he walks by he throws his date pit into the fire to assist him by adding fuel to the fire.   The Talmud uses this story to illustrate that this must have happened during a weekday and not on shabbat.


The Shikker Dovid has a questions? What is the big deal. Is this such a cheesed? Rather than throwing a useless pit on the ground, the Rabbi  gave it to a baker for his fire. Not really such a big deal.  The Shikker Dovid would like to show how wonderful cheesed is.  Even a small token gesture, an insignificant act, can reverberate with good feelings and kindness.  It teaches us that small acts of cheesed are also cheesed. Maybe the deeper lesson is we can help others with all things, no matter how small or insignificant.  All objects and acts can be directed to assisting others. 

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