Give Honor to All

In Parshat Chaya Sara the Torah describes how Avraham purchases the land an cave to bury sara from Ephron. The Torah describes how a bunch of people surround Ephron and Avrham. Avraham does not ask Ephron directly, rather he asks the people around him to inquire about purchasing the field and cave.

The Ramban tells us that this is a point of honor. Rather than go directly to Ephron, Avraham used an intemediary as a sign of respect. Also he made it seem like Ephron was doing him the favor. All this talk between “bnie Heth” for the land of Ephron was to accord honor.

The Shikker Dovid would like to use this lesson. Show honor, respect and dignity to all people. Never let anyone feel that you are doing them a favor. Always be gracious to all.

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