We can Learn Good from All Jews and be senstive to all Jews

The Shikker Dovid has started learning the third perek of Shabbat knows as Kira which deals with heating and keeping food warm on Shabbat. One of the key ideas in warming food on shabbat is that it must be at least partially cooked before shabbat (either one third or one quarter cooked). Then the food kept warm and it is not considered “cooking”. The Talmud refers to this measurement as ‘ food of Drosei” (Hard to transliterate). Who was the ‘ Ben Drosei. We know him to be thief or a gangster. He would have to eat “on the run” and only ate food partially cooked.

The obvious question is why do we learn a halacha or derive a law from a crook? The shikker Dovid asked Rabbi Yona Reiss of YU whether he was a good thief, like Robin Hood. He was not aware of any such information. So again, why do we learn this law from a thief.

The Shikker Dovid would respectfully like to give an answer. Simply put, we must give honor, respect and learn things from all jews. All Jews (event the thieves) can teach us something. Even more so, if the Halacha is sensitive to to the needs of all Jews and takes into the consideration the cooking methods of thieves, so much more so we must be sensitive to others.

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