Finding the Goood

In Parshat Vayatze, the Ramban compares Lavan to Yitro in the treatment of his daughters. The Ramban says that Lavan was more modest by his daughter Leah than Yitro’s daughter’s because he did not send her to pasture the flock. He only sent Rachel who we know was much younger. The proof is that Yitzchak kissed her. He would not have kissed her if she was older.

Why should the Ramban go out of his way to say something nice about Lavan. In the whole sidra he is the villan, in the passover seder he is the villan. So why is the Ramban defending him?

The Shikker Dovid would like to suggest that even people who we consider bad or not worthy have some good qualities. We must find the good in everyone. If the Ramban can find something good in Lavan, how much more so must we find the good in others.

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