One of the Strangest Talmudic stories Ever… and Power Ball

On page 53 of Tractate Shabbat ( I think that is the page) the talmud tells a tragic story of a man who loses his wife and is unable to pay for someone to nurse his new born baby. Gd gives him the ability to nurse the baby himself. The talmud first thinks that this is great, but then one rabbinic opinion chimes in and says this is really not great. If the laws of nature must be suspended to assist someone,that is really sad or not so praiseworthy.

So what does this have to do with winning power ball. Based upon the odds, winning powerball would be against nature. Furthermore, obtaining so much money so quickly would be against the ways of nature. Finally, man is supposed to be productive, work , create and thereby sustain himself.

The Shikker dovid would like to acknowledge that all livlihood is from Gd. However, our efforts are needed before gd steps in and allows the work to translate into income. Power ball is different, it is un-natural. It is not the product of work. It is gd acting like the man who needs to nurse.

The shikker dovid urges all people not to buy or play powerball. Save your money… Buy whiskey.

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  1. Robot Rabbi says:

    Shikker put down the Whiskey and put up two dollars, at least this is what Rabbi Yisrael Salanter suggested in the following story about having complete faith in Hashem:

    “A man in desperate need of 10,000 rubles came to Rabbi Salanter. When he told the man he need only buy a lottery ticket and have complete Bitachon, the man bought the ticket – and did not win.

    When he complained to Reb Yisroel, he asked the man if he would have sold the ticket for 5,000 rubles. When the man answered yes, Reb Yisroel told him he did not have complete Bitachon – and did not merit his reward.”

    It should noted that Rabbi Salanter bought a lottery ticket every year, and would win just enough to live for the next 12 months. In his honor, I bought my PowerBall ticket this morning.

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