The Sin is not the Bad behavior… it is the Pride and Declarationin the Bad Behavior.

The Shikker Dovid would like to wax a little philosophical today. Yesterday in the daf, Shabbat page 62, the Talmud listed reasons for the destruction of the Temple. One of the reasons appears at first glance to be licentiousness. (spelling?) The men of Jerusalem would be like it was Vegas. But interestingly, the reading of the Talmud states the sin was “each man told his friend” that he did this or that. The sin appears not to be the sexual acts, rather the sin appears to be the cavalier attitude, the bragging, the lack of modesty.

The Shikker Dovid would like to learn an interesting lesson from the language. The Talmud maybe recognizes that people have urges. That people are not perfect. The Talmud recognizes that some urges maybe cannot be tamed. However, speech can be tamed. Speech can be controlled. The breakdown of society is when speech authorizes the behavior. By shouting out our indiscretions, we lost track that they are …. indiscretions. We should at least control our speech.

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