Judah and Holes in the Story

In parshat Vayeshev, the famous story of Judah and Tamar takes place. The ShikkerDovid does not want to recount the whole sordid affair but would like to focus on holes in the story. The story begins with Judah leaving his brothers. He “turns to” man named Hira and then marries the daughter of another man whose name is Shua. Rashi tells us that he entered into a partnership with Hira. But is silent to the lady.

There are two unknowns which intrigue the Shikker Dovid. What kind of partner was Hira?, Was it business, Was it a charity? Why even tell us this? Second question: Why give the name of the girl’s father and not the girl? Why all the mystery? The Shikker Dovid would like to answer that it is not a mystery… it is confusion.

The Shikker Dovid thinks that Judah is confused. He is escaping his family. He is unsettled. He dosent really know what he is doing. People are passing in and out of his life. His children are confused in their actions. It is really a story of disfunctionality (spelling/). Without sounding preachy, Judah is confused because he has left the family, left holiness of his father, failed his brother. His is seeking to replace what he is escaping.

He only seems to pull it together later when he confronts Tamar and says, ” you are more rightious than me.” It is a startling realization. The holes are in Judah.

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1 Response to Judah and Holes in the Story

  1. Ricky says:

    One of us asked the same sort of questions at shiur last week. SkirrurDovid gave a lot more sober
    answer than I was able to come with. Pass it by the Rov. I predict he might say the next couple of
    Parshas are the story of Yehudah patching up the holes.
    Yasher Koach,

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