Making Yeshiva learning Irish

On page 66 of tractate Shabbat, the Talmud gives a remedy for excessive drinking, or in the real world, a hangover. The Talmud explains that R. Chita would visit his rabbi’s house and drink heavily. The Antidote is to smear oil and salt and your palms and feet and say “let the oil thin out the wine”

What is the lesson?… The shikkerdovid would like to suggest that this teaches two important lessons. First, you just don’t only learn Torah with your rebbe, you live your life with him, when you indulge, you do indulge with your rebbe. Even inebriation can be holy if done with your rebbe. The second lesson is that the rabbi’s in the Talmud understood the need for human acts and indulgences. Rebbi in our story knows people like to indulge…that sometimes people need to indulge.. Tonite is Chanukah, the shikkerdovid commands all his Talmidim to indulge

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