Zion- Preciousness of Israel

The Shikker Dovid is continuing to learn Moed Katan for dovid ben Yitl ah. On daf 5 of this Talmud there is a discussion of marking fields to identify areas where graves or bones lie so people do not cross over and become tama. The mishna had earlier enumerated that marking graves is permissible during chol hamaed and therefore the Talmud picked up the this discussion. The Talmud makes a conclusion that the markers should be placed as close as possible to the tumah and not spread out so as not to waste the precious land in Israel.

We all know that Israel and Jews inhabiiting the land is referred to as “Zion.” The land , suffused with Jewish values, morals and Torah ideals is a beacon or a “Marker” for Jews around the world. This land marks that which is holy and good and cannot be wasted.

The Shikker Dovid would like to learn the lesson of marking off that which cannot be used because to Tumah, but marking (zion) maximizing that which is beautiful and good.

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