Jewish Sensitivity

The Shikker Dovid has been pushing his way through Moed Katan for the shloshim of
Dovid be Yitl ah and has been caught up in more mundane mattters. However, a mishna came up with shows how beautiful Jews and theTorah are. There is a very cryptic mishna on page 27b which says when we deliver food to a house of mourning in cannot be in tray or large bowel, just a plain basket.

The Talmud immediately comments that ‘originally” wealthy people would bring food in silver and poor people were ashamed because they only had baskets of twigs. The Rabbis leveled the field by decreeing that all must bring in baskets. The talmud continues in this idea that all things regarding mourning must be as inexpensive as the poorest could afford.

The lesson is obvious. Jewish sensitivty requires us to constantly think of the less fortunate, not only their needs, but their feelings as well.

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