The Tent of Moses

IN Parshat Yitro, sentence 11 the Torah says: Moses went out to greet his father his father in law, they bowed and kissed and gave greetings and went into “Hohelah” or “the tent”. While the SD is not great at grammar, the word tent is referring to Moses. The whole sent is referrig to Moses. Why did it not just say “ohel”. Also why the “Ha”, the specificty.

The SD cannot answer the grammar question. However, the SD would like to suggest that something is up with this tent. The Targum says Alu Mishkan, which kind of translates as went up to the Mishkan. This implies something holy, not merely a tent. The thought here maybe is that Moses just did not merely invite him in physically, but provided a higher spiritual environment.

THe SD would like to learn a lesson from the Targum. When a guest comes to our home, we should use uplift ourselves spiritually. We should use the visit as an opporunity to uplift ourselves and our guests. We should talk of ideas, art, history and not others. We should elevate ourselves.

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2 Responses to The Tent of Moses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Art? History? When is the doctor lifting your blackout period? In all our conversations when did we ever go there?

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