Famous Ramban

In this week’s parsha is Yitro is a famous Ramban that discuss the commandment to “Remember the Sabbath.” He famously points out that later in Devarim it says “guard” . This Ramban is famous for the idea of serving Gd out of Fear and out of love . He says, the love is a higher form. He also quotes something Kabalistic. He says that there is a “deep” idea that Guarding (shamor) is a “night” idea and zachor “remember” is a day time idea.

The SD really did not understand this part of the Rambank. What does this all mean?

The reality is nightime a scary. It is dark, quiet and we might feel alone. The night might be a metaphor for the times when we are fearful and afraid in our life experiences.

The SD would like to think that is what the Shamor means(watching-guarding). The fear that we feel in our service to Hashem stands us in good stead when we are fearful at times, like the :”night”. The night is a metaphor for our fears. The SD would like to think that our service to Hashem will guard us in our time of fears, uncertaintly.

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