Purim and the Jews

In the Megilah we are told that Haman has a meeting with Ahasheverosh and offers him money to kill the Jews. Ahashurosh says, keep your money and signifies to his compliance by taking off his ring for Haman. The Talmud Megilah on page 14 comments on this story with a parable.

The parable says; There is a man with a large hill and a man with a ditch. The man with the hill wants to get rid of the dirt and the man with the ditch wants the dirt. The man with the ditch offers money to the man with the hill for his dirt. The man with the hill and dirt says: keep your money and take the dirt. Inherent in the parable is Ahashvarosh (man with dirt) and Haman (man with ditch). This story also shows that the King was happy to get rid of the dirt, ie the Jews.

The Shikker Dovid would like to learn a lesson from the parable. Haman( the man with the ditch) is the one who initiates the offer of money. Haman is symbolically empty. His evil makes him hollow. The king is an evil foot, but no evil enough pay. The lesson is that sometime evil arises out of hollowness, a void in our lives. The goal to spirituality is to fill our lives with goodness, ie our family, our friends, our community our Gd.

This is lesson of Purim. Fill you life with friends and family as we do as our Purim Seauda. Fill your life with community as we do by giving gifts to poor and sending gifts to friends. Fill your life with wiht spirituality by reading and learning the lessons of the Megillah.

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