A ShikkerDovid Introduction to Eruvin

The Tractate Eruvin begins with the discussion of a height of a Mavoi or alleyway.
The Mishna states that the mavoi cannot be higher than 20 amos to be effective. Rabbi Yehuda in the mishna disagrees and says that over 20 amos is acceptable.

The Gemara immediately picks up on a contradiction. The same Rabbi Yehuda in Masechet Succah states that a succcah that is higher higher than 20 amos is NOT kosher or not acceptable. Why the difference? The Gemara offers various reasons. The first is that succah is a torah law and eruvin is rabbinic. The second is based on verses about he sanctuary verses the anterchamber of the temple. Another is based upon whether when the torah refers to the mishkan it also applies to the temple

The Shikker dovid would like to weigh in on this one. The difference is just to show that not everything is the same. Not all is uniform. Things can be varied, inconsistent. We must take things as they come. Different experiences or different circumstances require different outcomes. Life is that way as well. Not all things can be judged by the same “yardstick.” We must recognize that rules must remain sensitive to situations and be fluid in our thinking and our judgments. We cannot measure all people’s succahs or eruv with the same “yardstick.” … Maybe should not measure other people at all.

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1 Response to A ShikkerDovid Introduction to Eruvin

  1. Jeremy says:

    Yasher Koach! I am so glad to see that the Shikker Dovid is getting shikker again, which is resulting in beautiful Divrei Torah. Lechaim!

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