Salt and Bread?

In parshat Vayikra in Chapter 2 verse 13, the Torah States: All your flour offerings shall be salted salted, and dont lack the salt of the covenant of god for the meal offering.”

The Shikker Dovid has a questions. Why does the pasuk have to repeat and go on and on about the salting. Is it not enough to tell us that we must put salt on the meal offering. Why does the Torah tell us, don’ t forget to salt. Rashi brings in the creation of the world and the covenant made that the waters of the ocean (salt water) would be poured on the alter during succos.

What is this all about? What does the meal offering, creation, salt water and the holiday doing together. Why the double language of salting the bread. What’s with all this.

The Shikker Dovid would like to suggest an Answer. Who brings this flour offering?- the poorest person. The person who cannot afford an animal or a chicken to sacrifice. The lowest person on the food chain. Even the lowest person has a share in the wonder and splendor of the world, the covenant that gd makes with us. The simplest offerings and the most humble people bring together the salt of oceans and the flour to reconfirm the “covenantal relationship” between man and gd.

Tonite (Friday night) , when you smother your challah in the salt, think of your covenantal relationship with gd. Shabbat Shalom

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