Gracie Allen Meets Eruvin

Today the Magid Shiur tells of the famous old time actress Gracie Allen who was advised the the “circumference is pi r squared” She responds, “no it aint, pie is round.” Today, Eruvin goes on a bender about geometry. The Talmud tells us the ratio of a circle is 3:1 or as we know “pi”. THe Talmud responds that
3:1 is not precise. The Talmud responds, halacha is not that precise.

The ShikkerDovid would like to draw a comparison. Many of us when confronted with complex halachot (especially around PeSach) get flustered and can get lost, like the Gracie Allen response. The trick is to remember, that Pi and observance does not need to be precise to the point that we lose the focus of our spiritual vision. Remember as you clean your house this Sunday and scour your counter tops what Gracie Allen said, “pi is round, not square.”

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