Blazing Saddle and Eruvin

The African American Sheriff recouts to Gene Wilder that when trekking westward with his family, a group of Indians attacked the wagon train and the white people would not allow allow his family to “circle the wagons” with them. Luckily, they encounted a tribe of compassionate Yiddish speaking Indians who let them pass unharmed. The whole scene was actually very scary until the Indian (Mel Brooks) all decked in war paint screams “lozhem gehen.”

The Mishna on page 15 explains that when travelling in caravan and shabbat comes, when my use wagaons, utensils, bags to make an eruv, provided that the gaps are not more then 3 tefachim. Just think, people travelling in the deserts or the spice train or the wastes of the middle east needed to make Shabbat on these long journeys.

Tomorrow we begin to think abou the Jews leaving Egypt and head into the desert. Really, the back drop to the above Mishna and PeSach is that faith, emuna and Hashem are always with us Even when we travel, Shabbat, holiness and halacha are with us.

As Mel Brooks says, “lozem gehen”- go with Hashem.

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  1. Michael says:

    I don’t have anything productive other than to offer a yasherkoach (which spell check just suggested — lol hakavod to Apple) on the excellent reference and to wish the Shikkur Dovid, his entire family, his readership and klal Yosrael a chag kasher v’samsyach.

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