The Big Torah

Today in Eruvin 19 there was some interesting Agadita and a nice respite from the complexity of the rest of the masechta. A Tanna (THe shikkerdovid forgot his name) discussed how expansive is the Torah. There is a complex equation which states that Torah is like 3200 times the size of the universe.

Of course, we have seen thoughout the Talmud the centrality of Torah learing, but this is different. Here is a tangible number (albeit quite large). The Shikker Dovid would like to offer a thought: The Torah is bigger than our physical universe, however, we take small pieces of it, slowly and carefully. Clearly, no one person can master or learn it all. Some people learn a daf a day, some people learn a perek of Tanach a day and some people just say Shma Yisrael. What’s important is not feeling like we individually have to do it all. What is important is that we use the transcendent values we learn piece by piece, inch b to improve ourselves and imy inch to improve our own little “universe.”

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