Every Action or Inaction for the Sake of Heaven

In parshat Shmini the inauguration of mishkan and the appointment of Aaron reaches its climax on the 8th day (rosh chodesh Nissan). However in the midst of the joy, Aaron’s sons Nadav and Avihu bring a “foreign fire” and are consumed. The Rashbam points out something interesting.All the way back in the beginning of the book of Vayikra, they are commanded to bring a flame on the alter. (See chapter 1, verse 7) According to the verse, this is their rightful job. Rashbam points out that Moshe did not want them to bring the flame on this 8th day of celebratioin.

Rashbam says that Moshe wanted the people to see the flame from “on high”. He did not want Nadav and Avihu to do it on that day so the flame could come from Heaven. The boys did it anway and were consumed.

The Shikker Dovid would like to learn a lesson from this Rashbam. Apparently, the boys were within their right to do this act of the brining the smoke or fire. They were even commanded to do it. however, Moshe, an elder had a bigger idea to inspire the people. The lessson is that even if we can do something, or have the right to do something, refraining or stepping back might be the bigger kiddush hashem or mitva.

Sometimes, the grandest act is refraining from standing on your rights or allowing others to shine in your place.

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