The ShikkerDovid was Wrong-Tazria chapter 13 verse 46

The ShikkerDovid used to joke that Gd created lashon hora so husbands and wives would have something to talk about. Just think, after a big fight with Shikkeret Sarablima and the long silent treatment, the ice breaker would be something silly abut someone else. Usually harmless. Thus the SD would say that Hashem created Lashon Hora to break the ice after a fight.

No longer. The sentence in Tazria in Chapter 13, verse 36 says ” and the days of his impurity from Negaim, he sits alone outside the camp.”

Rashi makes the famous statement. THis impurity is different than all others requiring total separation, because the afflicted person spoke lashon hora since he separated “husbands and wives and and man and his friend” Clearly, Rashi is concerned that evil speech can even come betweee husband and wife. Whether as Rashi says, somone talks about the couple, or as the SD fears, when they talk about others.

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