Another Classic Daf: Eruvin41

This page is a classic It needs no commentary or ShikkerDovid insight. The Mishna says that if an “evil spirit” removed someone from their ‘techum” or Shabbos domicile, if he is returned by the evil spirit, it is as if he never left it and can move about.

What is an evil spirit- Artscroll uses modern sensibility and states that if he was temporarily deranged.

The talmud states: Our Rabbis identify three which can make one violate his own will: 1. Pressure from others 2. an evil spirit 3. Poverty. The Talmud states: What is the point of teaching this lesson. The Answer is a classic- To pray for mercy concerning these things.

The ShikkerDovid somtimes wonders, why is life so hard. Why don’t things go our way. The answer can be gleaned from this lesson. Gd wants us to be in a relationship with him. He wants us to be cognizant of his world. He wants us to pray to him. By praying, one creates a relationship with Gd. This relationship is the basis for doing his will, ie helping others, awareness of others and recognizing that if we have needs, others need it as well. The same way we want Gd to answer us, we recognize we must answer others.

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