Shaving and Human Nature

In Parshat Kedoshim, chapter 1, verse 17 tell us not to round the corners of your head and dont destroy the corners of your beard. Rashi explains are five places on the face on each side not to be touched. We understand this as not having a razor cut your face. The halacha has evolved that razors are not allowed but electric shavers (at least some of them ) are permissible.

Personally, the Shikker Dovid hates to shave. Don’t know why-just hate it. Sometimes the Shikker Dovid wonders, maybe he would not mind it if he could use shaving cream and a razor. This is where the human nature comes in. It is human nature to believe that something else is better. The Shikker Dovid is certain that if electric shavers were prohibited he would bemoan the need to buy shaving cream and cut himself with razors. What is really going on.

The ShikkerDovid would like to suggest that ‘shaving” like everything else is about rules and human nature. We ultimately want no rules or prohibitions, therefore we always bemoan the limitations we have. We really want no limitations. The mundane act of shaving reminds us that even in small ways, Gd rules the world. Gd dictates are methods of behavior. This lesson is so much more demonstrated by ethical behavior, ie interaction with others, social responsibility, concern for the world. Shaving is the microcosim of Gd’s rule of the world.

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