Words Cannot Be Unspoken

The Shikker Dovid has begun learning the Talmud Makkot. The Talmud begins with a description of two witnesses who testify. After the witnesses testify, two more witnesses appear and discredit their testimony. The subsequent witnesses testify that the first set of witnesses were not in the location which they claimed to be, or could not have possibly witnessed the event they testified to. The discredited witnesses are called “Eidim Zommeimm” . The Talmud then discusses their punishments, penalties obligations.

On Page 3 of the tractate a questions arises, what happens if these false witnesses attempt to retract their testimony. The Talmud posits that once someone testifies, they cannot retract their statement. They can admit their mistake, but cannot change testimony.

This lesson is personal. The Shikker Dovid (usually being shikker) is often guilty of speaking out of turn, or blurting out things better left unsaid. One cannot unsay something that is already spoken. Just as the witnesses cannot retract testimony given at Court, so too, the ShikkerDovid must learn that things said and made public, cannot be retracted.

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