Korach and Self-Image

Korach seems to have a complex. The real problem, was that he had a bad self recognition or image. He felt inadequate. In chapter 17, verse 23, we are told that after the rebellion, Moshe took all the staffs of the tribes and the next day, Aharon’s staff flourished with “fully grown almonds” The word “gemol” is an odd usae that Rashi picks up on.

Rashi says the word is used like when we say a child is weaned or raised. Why this word? According to Rashi, the almonds are recognized immediately, almonds grow quickly so their form was immediately recognized. Rashi continues, likewise those who oppose the the priesthood will suffer quickly. This is clearly a big derash on Rashi’s part.

The Shikker Dovid would humbly offer the following: Not all are priests. Not all are in the limelight. But we can all be recognized by our own qualities. Korach could not recognize his own value, so he sought to rebel against the priesthood. If Korach had “recognized” his own self worth, he would not be so intent on attacking the priesthood.

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