A Lesson from Eruvin: Do More

On page 99 (or maybe 100) there is a discussion about trees. A question arises if somone finds himself by accident in a tree on Shabbat. May he come down off it? THe Talmud parallels this to sprinking on the alter and the blood of a sacrifice requiring one spinkling gets mixed up with blood from a sacrifice that requires four sprinklings.

The question posed is whether you sprinkle one or four. Do you do more or less. There is a dispute. One rabbi says, doing more leads to issur of “too much” or bal Toseif and one says it leads to the issur of doing too little, “lo tigra”.

The Talmud decides, one should do more sprinklings and therefore appyling it to the tree, allows the guy to come down and enjoy his Shabbat.

What a lesson, when faced with alternatives, the emphasis is on action. Do More.

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