Jewish Bonfires

As Eruvin winds down, we are confronted with some great stuff. The Gemara on 100A tells us that we are allowed to build big fires or as we call them bonfires on Yom Tov. However, we cannot build them in the normal way. We must build them from the top down, rather than building the base and then adding logs up. That means people are needed to hold the top as you put the wood down. The reason is that we do not want to appear to be “building” or doing an issur of “bonei”.

How strange, to build from the top down. The Shikker Dovid would like to point out that such an undertaking requires multiple hands. Clearly the message is that simchas Yom Tov is derived from people coming together. It is not a solitary joy. The Yom Tov spirit must be shared, hence the the manner in building the fire.
The Jewish way is to be inclusive, each person adding another layer of wood…. and simchas yomtov.

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