The ShikkerDovid First and Favorite: Balak & Emunah

The ShikkerDovid does not mean to recycle old stuff, but this is his first inspiration:

It appears to the ShikkerDovid that neither Bnei Yisrael, nor Moshe had any idea that Bilaam hired Balak to curse them. The give and take between Bilaam and the emissaries of Balak is like a smoky, back room cabal. Throughout this whole parsha, you could just imagine bnei yisroel, going about their business, eating the Manna from Hashem and utterly clueless that forces are gathering to curse them.

The lesson here is that even when we do not know that we are in danger, Hashem is watching over us. He is protecting us. He is putting obstacles in the way of people who wish to harm us, just as He did to Bilaam on the donkey. We must have emuna that Hashem’s watchful eye is protecting us, especially when the danger is not apparent.

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