The Reb- Maurice Wohlgelenter z’l

On Shabbat, Parshat Balak, Rabbi Maurice Wohlgelernter, PhD passed to a better place. Rabbi Wohlgelertner was affectionately known by his students as “The Reb.” He dubbed himself this because he was a mixture of Talmud Chacham, erudite professor of English and a rebel.   The Reb was a model of Torah u Maddah. He learned 4 hours every day of his adult life until he got sick and wrote scholarly books and essays another four hours every day.  His home was devoid of a television or a computer but filled with thousands of books and seforim.   His home reflected the way he lead his life Shakespeare and Saadia Gaon,  Hemingway and Rav Huna,  and most preciously to him, The Ruv.  May his family be comforted in knowing he lead a brillant and full life until 92.    Below is only one wall  in the house.


 House of the Reb

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2 Responses to The Reb- Maurice Wohlgelenter z’l

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  2. elli wohlgelernter says:

    At the conclusion of the shloshim for
    Rabbi Dr. Maurice (Moshe) Wohlgelernter (“The Reb”) Z”L,
    there will be an azkara on July 22, 15 Menachem Av,
    at the Yeshiva University in Israel Campus,
    40 Dudevani, Bayit Vegan, at 7:00 PM

    For additional information call: (052) 940-1620

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