Jews Share and Jews Give

The parsha or Rea teaches the laws of giving the tithes to the Levi and the poor. This is on top of leaving portions of the field for the poor which is discussed in other places. Basically, to be Jewish is to be a “giver.”

However, Jews also are “sharers,” In today’s daf in Pesahim, the Third perek beings the Mishna by teaching that there is a cream or substance which cannot be kept or used on Peshah. The Talmud explains that this is some type of face cream that was used by wealthy young women. The Talmud goes out of its way to tell us that these wealthy young women would give their extra stuff to the poor women to use. The lesson is not limited to hametz on Pesah, but tells of a deeper Jewish trait.. sharing. Jews are givers and sharers.

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