Todos The Mensch.

Today in Peschamim we met a guy name Todos. He was a Jew living in Rome who advised me people that they could east roasted meat at their Passover seder in the similar fashion as was done in the temple. Not offer a sacrifice, just eat roasted meat and entrails. The Rabbi’s question this. Furthermore, they even question Todos himself. Can he be relied upon.

The Rabbi’s ask is he ‘kosher” or is he a “Ben Agrof” a “man of fists.” The Talmud clears him and states his good points. They tell of his teachings. Todos tells us that we learn holiness from the frogs in Passover story, He explains that the frogs jumped into the oven despite liking the wet atmosphere in the pots. Thus displaying great holiness. He tells that we must also support Torah Scholars.

The Magid shiur today made an interesting point. Usually, the Talmud does not question the individual making a statement, rather it is more interested in the law or the logic. Here they question the individual.

The implication is that while the law, the learning and erudition is quite central to our religion, ultimately being a mensch prevails above all else.

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